Canadian National Southern Region Matteson Connection Contract No. 2 and No. 3

Matteson, Illinois

land surveying layout services layout services land surveying

This project required land surveying layout services for the relocation of three sets of tracks (Main 1, Main 2 and Southeast Connection), and layout for three new tracks (Loop Connection, Northeast Connection and ICRR Main 3). CML staff established, maintained and verified control as depicted in the plans and set additional control points.

All CML survey staff registered with E-Rail Safe and participated in daily safety meetings. Team members set up, checked and staked over 6,000 points, approximately 20,000 feet of track for ballast and track installation, 1,100 feet of retaining walls, 3 roadway crossings, 2 bridge abutments, 2 bridge piers, 840 feet of roadway, 1,000 feet of sound wall, storm substructures, silt fence locations, top and toe of slope, ponds, curb, edge of pavement, and stairway and ramp locations. It was essential for the completion of the project to have total cooperation and communication between the CML survey staff, contractor, subcontractors, and engineer and railroad staff.

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